THE PRODUCTION NETWORK is a Consortium of Seasoned, Savvy, Talented and Creative Business, Management & Operations, Brand Strategy | Advertising/Marketing Communications, Entertainment, Promotions, Special Events, Technology, Investment Banking, Alternative Energy and Executive Search professionals who bring years of requisite experience, insights, talent, creativity and wisdom—with integrity, honesty and professionalism—to your company or stand alone project… and at the most competitive pricing structure available:


  • Business Solutions
  • Management & Operations
  • Brand Strategy | Advertising/Marketing Communications
  • Investment Banking/Private Equity
  • Entertainment Solutions
  • Promotions
  • Special Events
  • Technology
  • Alternative Energy
  • Executive Search


Simply, our philosophy around here has always been Good Relationships is Good Business. To us, it’s really that simple. In this nanosecond world in which we live, work and play, most of us tend to forget that really, “all we need to know… we learned in Kindergarten.” 

Whether you’re engaging TPN for Branding | Advertising/Marketing Communications, Management and Operations services, Promotion and Entertainment solutions, Investment Banking/Private Equity opportunities, Executive Search, Technology or Alternative Energy solutions, our team of professionals in all disciplines bring not only the requisite experience and talent necessary, but also the professionalism, integrity and sincere and ingenuous honesty everybody hopes to experience in their strategic partnerships. 

Oh, one other thing, we have fun doing what we do (and so will you!).