Our Team Promise

“Creating Business” is what we are here—together—to do. In Turn, we must—together—create an environment that supports our collective energies and efforts. Toward this collective responsibility, we ask each new member of the team, by signature of this promise, to join your colleagues in our commitment to:


Think “We”

We are in this together. Our clients have hired “us.” This is a collaborative venture. Recognize and seek the talents of your team. Compete externally, not internally. Support each other.


Think Outside the Job

Seek and encourage personal and professional balance. Work Hard. Play Hard.


Put People Issues First

Our people are our most important asset. We need to protect and respect them.


Be Accountable

We need to know we can rely on each other. Keep your promises.Don’t make promises you can’t keep.



Criticize privately, praise publically. Don’t gossip, judge, blame. Vent up, not down. Give your colleagues the benefit of the doubt. Defend subordinates. Get to meetings on time. Listen to each other.


Embrace our Differences

None of us are as good as all of us.


Embrace the Positive

Imagine what can be done. Help do it. Have fun.